Recommended Use

How to use the hipngo

The hipngo is designed for children weighing between15-30 pounds that can hold their head up on their own. Carefully read the following instructions and warnings before use. Make all shoulder strap adjustments without your child in the carrier.

Step 1: Adjust the Strap and Saddle

Before picking up your child adjust all straps and secure all buckles. Slip the strap over your head and position it on your left or right shoulder the hipngo seat/saddle will be on the opposite side of shoulder strap. Adjust the straps to comfortably position the saddle carrier. Adjust the strap so the carrier saddle is comfortably setting against your hip. This child carrier can be worn on the left or right hip. It is importance that the fit be snug and secure. Buckle the waist belt to fit your size. It is “locked” when you hear a click. Tighten by pulling the straps.

Step 2: Lift Child on to the Carrier

With their legs straddling, place your child on the carrier as if setting the child on the saddle of a horse. Make sure the child is centered in the carrier seat and facing towards the adult. This is NOT a hands-free device. Adults must ALWAYS keep their arm around the child’s back to hold them securely.

Step 3: Re-adjust Carrier for Comfort

For any adjustment, remove the child from the carrier. Adjust the shoulder strap and waist buckle for a secure fit. Don’t forget to make minor adjustments in back as well as in front. We find that women prefer to carry the child higher and in front (like a purse). Men tend to prefer to carry the child on the side, tucked under their arm. Whichever way you chose, make it comfortable for your body but always secure for your child.