HipNgo Offers Stylish Prints and Patterns

Who said that parenting fashions should be modeled after the whims and fancies of a child? It’s certainly not so, not with the hipNgo™!

The hipNgo – an innovative new child carrier – not only allows parents to simply slide their toddler onto their hip for an easy kid-toting experience, but it can also be ordered in trendy prints for the chic mom who’s not afraid to add some flair to her look.

“We love the new style choices for the hipNgo that include leopard and floral prints. Just because you are a parent, doesn’t mean that your design choices have to lean towards pink, blue or primary colors. We understand that our hipNgo parents might like to have a little fashion fun,” said Fran Bangert, Marketing Director, Handy Child Solutions™.

The creative vision of inventor John Bangert, the hipNgo is a pioneering product that helps parents protect their aching arms and backs while holding a fussy, tired toddler on their hip.

The unique design calls for mom or dad to simply pull the sturdy straps across the shoulder while a comfy saddle settles on the hip for a safe and snug carrying experience.

“We are hearing from so many parents who tell us that the hipNgo has opened up a world of options for them. Little ones have a way of restricting our movements so that it can be difficult to keep up with our older children. The hipNgo allows toddlers to tag along safely, without mom or dad having to feel the effects of a full load,” Fran said.

The hipNgo is the first of many ground-breaking products that will emerge from the Handy Child Solutions brand.

Fran Bangert added: “We are thrilled to offer these amazing print and floral options and know that the Hipngo will be a great complement to any wardrobe and a smart addition to your parenting arsenal.”