For all your child’s ups and downs

Life has its ups and downs. So do kids. And while picking up your child might do wonders for your biceps, it wears on your patience. hipngo makes it easy to accommodate the moment-by-moment demands of your child’s curiosity.

Just slip the harness over your shoulder, place the saddle on your opposite hip and you are ready to go. hipngo provides the perfect place for your child so he can rest comfortably on your hip, freeing you to go about your day with a happy companion.

The hipngo offers freedom and convenience. When a stroller is too much work, use the hipngo to keep your toddler close while shopping at the grocery store, standing in line at an amusement park or while mingling at family gatherings.

The hipngo is an innovative toddler carrier that has been developed to allow adults to carry their children on their hip, benefits include flexibility (easy on and off access) and usability.

Specifically designed, the hipngo provides a firm shelf for the child to sit on and supports their weight from underneath. The unique (patent pending) shoulder strap provides extra support. The child is tucked into the chest on whichever side is more comfortable for the wearer. When sitting, the child is very comfortable and his or her head is level with the adult’s shoulders or chest. The child is automatically drawn to the adult’s body by the angle of the seat offering toddlers a first class seat with a view so that they can see what is going on around them.

The hipngo is lightweight and durable. It can feature a handy bag with pockets for carrying your accessories. It is useful for the following activities:

  • Traveling, terrific help at airports/stations/buses etc. where there are long lines and stroller use is prohibited due to safety.
  • Short trips or errands, where you do not wish to use a stroller but may be required to carry your child.
  • Ideal for fairs/events/public buildings, where there are crowds of people, limited space or objects of value and may not be able to use a stroller. It enables the child to see the event or parade from a parent’s view.